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Washington State's own Academy of General Dentistry Master Dentist




Get Sedated

Sedation dentistry is as common as it is affordable at Advanced Dentistry. We eliminate the fear so patients can enjoy a healthy smile. Dr. Nguyen carefully reviews your medical history and preferences to create the safest and most effective options for you. Most patients feel no discomfort during the treatment or recollection after. With sedation dentistry, all your dental care can be completed at one time and extensive procedures may be completed in 1 or 2 sessions. We provide the following levels of sedation to make your experience comfortable while giving you the best results in dentistry:

  • Conscious or unconscious sedation with an inhalation of Nitrus Oxide or with an oral sedative
  • Numb everything using our tranquilizers and local anesthesia
  • Upon request, our local anesthesiologists can provide an IV

Dr. Nguyen is also accredited within the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine as an active Member.



Air Abrasion Fillings

Also known as Kinetic Cavity Preparation (KCP), air abrasion is a gentle alternative to traditional drilling. Drilling out cavities is a technique that has been around for decades. Unfortunately, collateral damage of the surrounding tooth structure from drilling is not only painful for the patient but increases the chances of which a tooth may break or fracture. Our drill-less technique has many advantages over traditional drilling:

  • Minimizes treatment time
  • Treatment of multiple sites during a single visit
  • Reduces need for anesthesia, especially for shallow cavities
  • No sound, pressure or vibration
  • Reduces the risk of chipping or micro-fracturing the tooth
  • Leaves more of the healthy tooth tissue behind, maximizing the life of the tooth

In fishing terms, KCP is a spear gun and drilling is an analogical commercial fishing net. The goal of cavity preparation is to accurately target and remove the decay, not compromise the entire tooth. During air abrasion, an instrument that works like a mini sandblaster sprays away the decay using a fine stream of harmless microscopic particles; all of which subsequently removed by the evacuation system. For cavity preparation, we proudly use the KCP Whisperjet 1000.

After the tooth is cleaned and cavity free, we inject the filling gel into the opening. The SonicFill sonic applicator then does what even the most experienced dentists cannot consistently do; Enveloping and filling every microscopic crevice of the opening without air bubbles. Filling microscopic leaks is critical in preventing further decay and cold/hot sensitivity. The filling material is then hardened using a targeted UV applicator. The tooth now has the best chance of a long-lasting and healthy outcome.



Intra-Oral HD Imaging Camera

Dr. Nguyen uses pen-sized cameras to instantly project images onto a computer display that both she and the patient see. HD imaging technology reveals essential details easily missed by standard mirror exams from even the best dentists. This allows Dr. Nguyen to diagnose not only more accurately but also more efficiently, minimizing chair time.



Digital X-rays

Dr. Nguyen chooses digital x-rays because the many advantages over traditional film x-rays.

  • 50% less radiation exposure to the patient
  • Environmentally friendly-no film to develop to minimize toxic chemicals in her practice
  • Images transmitted directly to a computer screen for instant viewing
  • HD digital imaging software utilizes zoom to examine subtle detail
  • X-rays can be emailed to you or other providers authorizes by you


Biolase Soft Tissue Laser

Applied in periodontal (gum) procedures, this state-of-the-art laser replaces the scalpel for numerous procedures, such as crown lengthening, gingival recontouring and periodontal therapy for patients with deep infected pockets. Healing times are accelerated and pain level for patients is greatly reduced.  For example, gingivectomies and painful ulcers in the mouth treated with a Biolase laser healed in 2-5 days with minimal to no discomfort. Dr. Nguyen is also an accredited member within the World Dental Laser Academy as an active Member.



Oral Cancer Screening

Unfortunately, oral cancer is ranked 6th in claiming American lives, mainly because the disease is often not detected until it has reached an advanced stage. Oral cancer screenings are a complementary piece of our comprehensive examinations. Dr. Nguyen is one of few dentists in the Seattle area to use both VELscope and ViziLite Plus oral cancer screening systems. Both are also painless procedures taking only a few minutes.